Empowering organization change at a Fortune 500 telecommunications company to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.


Our client’s operations team empowers organizational change through process simplification, leveraging data analytics, and implementing unified platforms. However, with rising attrition levels, low morale, and tight budgets, they were struggling to get the job done. After multiple discussions with Apex solution leads, our client turned to us as a trusted partner to help them transform the organization through Scaled Agile best practices. Their primary objectives were to enhance efficiency and reduce costs by adopting SAFe® across the organization with emphasis on improving culture, transparency, and prioritization. ​

Reduced 750,000 Working Hours Translating to $42M in Cost Savings


Apex provided coaching and transformation services aligned to the Scaled Agile Framework® focused on the product management discipline, software development practices, and migration services. We provided consultants with a variety of skillsets for this engagement including solution architects, product managers, release train engineers, UX designers, Scrum masters, developers, and product owners. We engaged a certified SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC) to partner with leadership to build a roadmap for the program’s success. The SPC provided client employees across the organization with transformational training and coaching. They also developed standardized tooling practices for Agile Release and Solution Trains. Our elastic model allowed us to flexibly increase and decrease our team to meet developing client needs as this engagement continued over several years. With our client’s direction and support, our SPC trained all the employees within their organization. ​


Apex’s collaboration with client leadership was instrumental in mapping Agile roles, identifying value streams, and establishing eight Agile Release Trains (ARTs), laying the foundation for a robust transformation journey. Our team’s expertise in SAFe® was pivotal, providing specialized training to 800 team members and aligning client leaders with role-specific leading SAFe® principles. Apex spearheaded the creation and implementation of specialized tooling and training programs within the ServiceNow Scaled Agile Framework Module, which significantly bolstered the productivity of ARTs and teams. Furthermore, Apex was asked to present its SAFe® Transformation Success at ServiceNow’s 2023 Knowledge Conference, underscoring our leadership in this space. Our comprehensive approach enabled the client to realize significant operational improvements, including a remarkable reduction of 750,000 working hours, translating to over $42M in cost savings. ​