A global FinTech company utilizes Apex's Agile services to implement a hybrid domestic and nearshore development team.


Due to an increase in customer demands within service delivery for customized payment product integration, our client was experiencing operational deficiencies and capacity constraints. They traditionally relied on offshore resources, but existing vendor partners could not provide the right resources at the desired speed and cost, creating dependencies and scheduling conflicts with their upcoming payment products releases. The client was seeking a strategic technical partner who could address their immediate operational issues and help develop a long-term strategy to better align their service delivery model with domestic and nearshore Agile teams. We were chosen as a partner to provide a resource team of development and testing resources to help our client meet and accelerate their delivery goals.​

Met Timelines for Product Release Schedule and Reduced Costs


We partnered with the client to gain a thorough understanding of the team’s capacity constraints and develop a long-term plan to improve its performance. Our team proposed a customized, hybrid solution to resolve the deficiencies, combining a domestic Agile payments team of developers with a nearshore team of Java developers and SDETs located in the Mexico Delivery Center (MDC) in Guadalajara. The hybrid model would allow our client’s nearshore team to be integrated with local teams while keeping costs competitive. Additional deliverables included: 

  • Customized training program ​
  • Onboarding and orientation services ​
  • Engagement oversight for local and MDC teams ​
  • Financial analysis and reporting throughout the engagement ​
  • Progress reporting for service delivery goals  ​


Our customized solution successfully mitigated our client’s operational deficiencies, improving service delivery by utilizing a hybrid model with domestic and nearshore teams. The client’s nearshore teams is now integrated within their existing Agile teams, optimizing product delivery and keeping costs low. Client stakeholders have recognized the ongoing success of our solution, extending the buildout of the nearshore team for an additional 12 months. ​