A leading ecommerce marketplace provider improves the user experience on their platform with AWS.


Our client needed to launch a new platform to host an innovative product set to reimagine financial services and move beyond saving only for retirement to planning for over 30 life events. The existing website had a very antiquated look (circa 2000), and was not visually appealing (drab colors, minimal to no graphics). Additionally, it was not responsive (not supportive of phone, tablet, and web users simultaneously) or reactive. 

Increased organic customer traffic by 50%


Under very tight timelines, Apex Systems built an orchestration layer to power the coordination between new services. Using Dropwizard for Java REST services, Docker, and our client’s on-premise cloud solution, we delivered a modern digital platform to launch and host innovative business products.

The new Life Events Platform allowed our client to deconstruct siloed strategic business functionality to a new orchestration service that invokes microservices, allowing the orchestration service to be consumed by any number of new modernized consumers across the enterprise.


Our client launched more than 30 Life Events so far with new content releases every 4-6 weeks. This has resulted in a 50% increase in customer traffic to this portion of the website without a formal marketing program. Apex Systems designed and engineered a tool to automate page composition using Tridion content solely, with little to no code required to build a new UI. Additionally, Apex made it possible for the entire enterprise to utilize a full CI/CD pipeline for self-service deployment into production.

This effort powered an entirely new personalization experience for our client’s customers.