A medical company eliminates a large Salesforce backlog using an Agile methodology.


Our client launched their new device, which is a pod system for automated insulin delivery that integrates with a continuous monitoring system controlled by their app. The app succeeded their previous product, which is a tubeless wearable pod that is pre-programmed to follow the user’s schedule by a personal diabetes manager (PDM). The new product dispenses insulin as required by continually monitoring the user’s insulin levels instead of relying on a planned schedule. This eliminates the need for manual adjustments by the user. Our client’s new system improved time in the correct glucose range by 3.7 times and a reduction in A1C. The pod is the muscle of the system and takes orders from a PDM device. Our client built this ecosystem of products on Salesforce technology. There was a constant challenge to meet project demands due to lack of internal Salesforce talent. They needed to ramp up a team of developers, admins, and analysts to drive down years’ worth of backlogs so that their team can focus on current and future objectives as they globally expand. Apex engaged with the client to help combat the technical challenges our client was facing to clear up the backlog. ​

Eliminated 15-Year-Old Backlog


Apex assembled a team in our Mexico Delivery Center to work on this project, including a project lead responsible for managing the team’s standards and execution and a senior Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant focused on marketing automation efforts across various client initiatives. They utilized an Agile methodology for their activities including application development for software source code, unit testing, and build management. Apex also provided an engagement manager to oversee the team, monitor progress and performance, and assist with issue resolution. Our team removed unused items to reduce overall database size. They reduced the number of internal processes to improve the enterprise system’s responsiveness. They also modified or modernized older artifacts so they would interact properly with the newly established processes. These tasks were all implemented to meet industry best practices all in accordance with client performance targets. ​


Our team reduced the client’s 15 year old backlog of Salesforce tasks and handled the day-to-day workload. Handling the backlog freed up space in the client’s database, improved processing time, and prepared the client’s infrastructure for future improvements. Our work with marketing automation accelerated our client’s marketing processes. Eliminating their backlog allowed our client's employees to organize distribution of a superior product with a modernized and efficient Salesforce CRM instance.​