A mobile communications provider utilizes our Support Centers capabilities to relieve a bottleneck in their procurement department and more effectively meet delivery goals.  


Our client was shifting from a tactical to strategic sourcing model in order to deliver high quality products and services. The shift was being delayed by a bottleneck in their procurement process caused by insufficient staffing levels. In addition to delaying the change, the burden on the existing team was incredibly taxing, jeopardizing performance and efficiency.  


To remove the bottleneck we partnered with the client to establish a managed service model that would supplement their procurement department and that be scaled based on need. We worked to understand the SLA’s they expected from their internal resources as well as the volume of activities our service would be supporting. We created an initial demand plan for a team of two Senior Sourcing Managers, two Sourcing Managers and one Senior Sourcing Specialist. The team was deployed to act as an extension of the client’s procurement department to complete the following activities and deliverables:  

  • Competitively sourcing technology spend through RFPs, RFQs and RFI’s  
  • Negotiated and created contractual documents including SOWs, master agreements and change orders  
  • Fostered relationships with internal stakeholders and externals suppliers 
  • Provided monthly updates on program health including reports on demand plan revisions, financials and team performance 

SLA and performance targets exceeded


Our approach and project team relieved the pressure on our client’s procurement department, allowing them to rapidly resume their previous performance standards and SLA goals. The managed service provided a seamless extension of their internal team allowing their stakeholders to more effectively hit their delivery goals. Additionally, our ability to quickly deliver the right resources based on our proactive demand planning has created a model that has proven flexible and agile to meet the needs of the client’s business.