A leading financial services provider engages Apex to enhance their Agile playbook. 


Our client was seeking a strategic partner to help improve and expand one of their division’s Agile playbook. Their existing Agile teams were lacking cross-team coordination and scalable elements, and they wanted to improve processes, data models, reporting, and technology capabilities for maximum efficiency. We were chosen as a partner because of flexibility and ability to adapt to our client’s unique needs, along with our proven expertise supporting Agile transformation. ​


We provided a team that included an Enterprise-Level Agile Coach and a Program-Level Coach, who worked together to provide leadership in both strategy/design and in coaching organization leadership. The team reviewed our client’s current and future states in terms of people, process and technology. The team identified gaps and recommended a transformation roadmap including governance structure, communication channels, configuration of Agile tools, coaching, and training. ​

Additionally, the team provided:  ​

  • An introduction of new technology policies, processes, and controls​
  • Improved change control and change management processes​
  • Customer self-service options and service desk technology improvements​
  • Reporting improvements, checks, and balances​
  • Training and development resources to prepare for adoption​

Established a culture of continuous improvement​


Our team successfully assessed our client’s existing environment, developed a roadmap, and lead them through their new implementation. The Enterprise-Level and Program-Level approach resulted in a successful adoption of the new Agile playbook across the organization. Client leadership has embraced the change driven by our team, resulting in a culture of continuous improvement, and the program acts as the model for continued adoption of Agile processes across the entire organization. Additionally, the client has consistently delivered on strategic priorities since the implementation, resulting in improved customer experience and program efficiencies. ​