A leading health insurance provider transfers Agile teams on-shore, reducing operating costs and improving performance. 


Our client required a partner to help build innovative domestic teams across various sites to support an Agile Transformation initiative. They were shifting previously off-shore projects back on-shore and were struggling to identify the resources required to effectively implement Agile practices and processes. We were chosen as a partner to support their efforts because of our ongoing partnership with the client providing skilled Agile resources. Our client leaned on us to build their domestic teams and ensure work continued without interruption. 


To meet the demands of our client’s dynamic situation, we provided a customized solution with an emphasis on a ‘big picture’ approach. We supported the off-shore to on-shore transition by filling voids in scrum teams, providing qualified experienced Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and Solution Architects to lead the transformation initiatives. Additionally, we deployed domestic teams to support new initiatives to create optimal efficiencies in the software development lifecycle. Our Engagement Manager and local Account Managers for four locations, enabled a high-touch and consultative approach. Ongoing workforce management processes included:

  • Weekly and monthly productivity reporting
  • Regular financial status reporting
  • Integration of personnel into client environment
  • Ongoing performance management

Improved Scrum Team Performance by 35% and Reduced Operating Costs by 15%


The client was able to re-align existing resources and augment new teams and initiatives, improving Scrum Team performance by more than 35% and reducing the product backlog by 75% through optimized refinement and grouping techniques. Additionally, our client reduced operating costs by 15%.  As the project evolved over the 3+ year engagement, our fit-for-purpose delivery model allowed us to adapt to deliver consistent and relevant value for our client.