A non-profit health organization maximizes resources by implementing an automated testing solution.


Our client was upgrading its ERP system to mitigate the impact of reduced resources and tighter budgets across the industry at large. They had standardized on Infor (Lawson) for more than a decade, and it was the first major Infor system upgrade for its current staff. Regression testing is an essential part of any system migration to ensure the software performs as expected and that any disruptive bugs are identified and addressed. However, department predecessors didn’t maintain a testing manual, test scripts, or other information to guide a repeatable and efficient testing process. This required the current team to develop a script library to support testing goals, and they partnered with us to automate the Infor HCM regression testing and to streamline the testing process.

“With [Apex], the quality of work, services, and commitment to our success extends beyond the typical vendor-client relationship offered by other firms."

– HRIS director


We helped our client implement Test Automation, an application that streamlines and accelerates the Infor system testing process. The application efficiently creates and runs test scripts and documents instructions for consistent, thorough business processes and compliance purposes. Using Test Automation, our client created a repeatable and reusable process that:

  • Alleviated the need for manual testing
  • Provided visibility into infrastructure changes
  • Documented technical and business processes
  • Made it easy to stay current on latest patches and releases
  • Enabled the organization to streamline Infor testing 


Our solution was implemented on time and on budget, enabling an estimated 50% time savings and a significant decrease in strain on internal resources. The Test Automation application required minimal training and eliminated the need for HR staff to perform repetitive tasks or coordinate testing across multiple functional areas within the departments. In addition to increased speed, testing was performed with greater accuracy, enabling our client to accomplish more with fewer resources. We delivered a fully documented process for testers to follow which satisfied compliance requirements, and protected internal knowledge while helping HR professionals build upon their skills.