A leading consumer goods manufacturer modernizes data collection and marketing origination using our Agile capabilities.


Our client needed to consolidate and automate their consumer data collection and streamline marketing campaign circulation. They had previously outsourced customer data collection operations, leaving them with incomplete access and ownership over marketing campaign results. Additionally, they had no robust way to manage their data or refine it for their audiences. Existing processes were manual, labor-intensive operations that limited their ability to quickly distribute marketing materials to customers. We were selected to streamline their processes because of our proven history implementing effective Agile solutions and our comprehensive data engineering expertise. ​

Launched Automated Data Processing Product in Six Months


Our team partnered closely with client stakeholders to design and develop an Azure based solution that would be fully managed and owned by our client, starting by developing a functional prototype. To deliver the prototype, the team decomposed the existing process into the most fundamental aspects, allowing them to quickly produce a proof-of-concept workflow that satisfied the minimum viable product (MVP) requirements. Then, we employed Agile principals to iterate on the product, delivering more automation and an intuitive user interface (UI). The solution was engineered to collect and store the data in a central location, further supporting the organization's larger goal of migrating consumer information into an internal Data Lake. ​


We delivered a prototype of our solution within five months, with the platform becoming fully operational one month later. The cloud-based platform modernizes and automates the client’s backend marketing origination by leveraging Azure cloud technologies. It also streamlines the campaign origination process by reducing the manual handoff of data between marketing partners, while maintaining the integrity of campaign audience data. As a result of the success of this solution, the engagement has been extended at least an additional 12 months and our level of support continues to grow. ​