A major weekly medical journal implements a long term plan for digital transformation.


Our client was seeking a partner to help identify their greatest areas for growth and improvement. They wanted to develop a long-term strategic growth plan, with the ultimate goal of doubling their annual revenue over time. ​Their Strategic Management Office (SMO) chose Apex as a partner because of our proven ability to drive value with strategic solutions and digital transformation. 

Established a 10-Year Strategic Digital Roadmap and Foundation for DevSecOps


As part of our initial solution, our team organized an off-site executive summit to strategize with the client’s board and business and technology leadership. At the summit, we collaborated with client teams to rapidly establish and deliver a 10-year strategic roadmap for growth. After the summit, we conducted baseline Agile maturity assessments for our client’s 8 product teams and leveraged the insights from this exercise to develop customized training for the enterprise. Areas of focus included in the roadmap and training program included:​ 

  • Agile Coaching​
  • Operational Scalability​
  • DevSecFinOps Processes and Culture ​
  • Design Thinking ​
  • Engineering Excellence​


In collaboration with our client’s teams, we were able to deliver a comprehensive 10-year Digital Business Transformation Roadmap for growth and innovation within two days. Client stakeholders complimented our leadership at the executive summit and were enthusiastic about the digital roadmap providing the vision and inspiration for their ongoing transformation. Throughout the course of the engagement, we also delivered program increment (PI) planning sessions, an enterprise training plan, an Agile scalability framework, portfolio management, and established a foundation for DevSecOps and innovation.​