A Fortune 500 gas and electric utility engage Apex to help improve their ecommerce platform. 


Our client, a Fortune 500 regulated utility, needed a partner to help them expand their business within non-core operations, specifically within their retail home appliance line of business. The strategic vision for this vertically integrated utility was to grow new revenue streams outside of the traditional utility business model. Specifically, they were looking to enhance and improve market awareness of their little-known retail appliance business by engaging their customers through ecommerce, and needed highly skilled web and technical resources to strengthen their digital presence. We were chosen as a partner because of our ability to provide high caliber resources with the capabilities needed to build out this ecommerce program.


We provided a team of skilled digital consultants including an ecommerce lead, web and graphic designers, content editor and advertising analyst. In order to deliver the required team, we established an account manager as a single point of contact for the delivery, onboarding, training and performance management processes of the consultants. Delivery teams were supported by our Utility industry leaders and our Digital Services practice. Our consultants are responsible for:

  • Launching new products on the client’s website in accordance with marketing cadence
  • Implementing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to augment sales
  • Developing social media automation, strategy, and messaging
  • Creating dynamic web and social media graphics
  • Managing cost information, product tags, and data integrity

Increased Ecommerce Sales and Enhanced SEO Web Presence


Our team of digital consultants have successfully helped enhance our client’s ecommerce services by increasing appliance sales, converting store customers to digital customers, and augmenting collaboration between internal teams. Since our support began in 2017, we have served as an exclusive strategic partner to our client’s ecommerce program, and continue to support its growth today.