A large public health system enhances its antiquated performance review process by upgrading to Infor Global Human Resources.


A long-time Infor (Lawson) client sought to move its existing paper-based performance review process to the new Landmark platform by upgrading to Infor Global Human Resources for stronger functionality. Prior to the upgrade, the entire organization used a standard set of questions which made it difficult to identify success metrics specific to each position and correlate job competencies with role responsibilities. Additionally, the process wasn’t automated and required managers to print reviews, obtain employee signature, make copies for employees, and then send to HR to manually input performance scores into Infor to calculate appropriate merit increases. In addition to a technology change, migrating to Infor Global Human Resources and then Performance Management would bring fundamental change to how employee performance was evaluated for this client. ​


We partnered closely with our client to implement Infor’s Talent Management platform, a solution that combines knowledge-based business processes and value-add modules to create an Agile system that helps to analyze workforce strengths, establish performance standards, and identify areas for improvement. The first phase of the multi-phase Talent Management implementation included moving existing processes to Infor Global Human Resources and going live with Compensation Management. Phase two encompassed building job competencies and behavioral anchors to help users understand how to use the competencies as part of the Performance Management module. Additionally, we helped the client go-live with the Occupational Health module integrated with Epic, their EHR, in order to provide enhanced services to employees and meet statutory requirements. ​

Developed a bank of 2,200+ core competencies, resulting in 877 electronic reviews completed in first month


As a result of our solution, the client now has enhanced features for employee and manager use as well as improved position control structure and data quality. We helped create a behavioral anchor rating scale and a bank of 2,200+ competencies specific to healthcare that integrate into the online performance review, removing subjectivity from the process and giving employees and managers a common lexicon for performance. Our team also helped automate the client’s organizational hierarchy for performance reviews and competency skill certifications. In the first month, 877 online reviews were completed and 70% of employees completed the self-review, many within minutes of getting an electronic reminder. ​