A large North American grocery store chain replaces its outdated legacy system by deploying Infor's M3 CloudSuite.


Our client was operating on a 20-year-old legacy system that was being sunset because maintenance was no longer going to be provided. They selected the Infor M3 CloudSuite product as the new software to run their manufacturing plants. Apex, working in conjunction with the client counterparts, chose to do a global discovery to address the common core components of the 18 different manufacturing plants. As the Apex team approached each plant family – Milk, Bread, Ice Cream, Grocery, and Beverage – they addressed the unique product requirements through configuration changes to ensure the requirements for each line of business were met.

Implemented CloudSuite across multiple line of business with customized order processing


Apex deployed a team that included 17 consultants at peak demand to deliver the custom solution. Starting with the preconfigured Infor Implementation Accelerator solution, Apex made necessary configuration changes identified during the global discovery and further mapped out during individual plant reviews. In addition to providing a configured Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to run their core manufacturing processes, Apex also provided solutions for distinct processes within different lines of business: 

  • A customized order processing system to address the nuances of milk and bread orders placed directly from client stores, which allows for the mass adjustment of milk or bread orders based on demand instead of manufactured supply, resulting in tremendous labor savings for plant personnel.
  • A planning system necessary for all plants to address specific requirements that result from having to plan/schedule manufacturing schedules for a variety of products.
  • An Android-based system that integrates with the M3 CloudSuite solution and labeling equipment at the end of the production line to print pallet labels.
  • An application that allows the mass closing of manufacturing orders once they are processed rather than having to close them one by one.


The implementation of Infor’s M3 CloudSuite solution allowed the client to replace their legacy system with a highly configurable, fully supported solution. Additionally, the new solution is updated on a regular basis which allows the client to have access to new and improved functionality as it is made available.