Our Digital Services team transforms the infrastructure business group for a major financial services corporation. 


Our client partnered with our team to initiate their enterprise digital transformation with one major business group or “alliance,” specifically their Infrastructure Alliance. Before we engaged with the client, the Infrastructure Alliance couldn’t prioritize and plan for work effectively. ​

This alliance’s vision was to become Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for the enterprise. ​


We provided transformational professional services and strategic advisory services delivered through our proven Digital Business Transformation (DBX) Framework. Our DBX Framework leverages connected people, process and technology including tools, templates, techniques and playbooks to ensure success at enterprise scale as they mature  embrace their goal of predictable delivery with “freedom in the framework.” Our solution included delivering enterprise-level Digital transformation expertise and launching, training, coaching, coordinating with a large set of squads. ​

Implemented Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)​ and Established Executive Action Team


We initially established Executive Action Team (EAT) and Core Transformation Team to lead the transformation by example which has inspired entire alliance to ”buy into transformation.”  We coached EAT to design new enterprise model based on Spotify, customized for their enterprise. ​

The IAAS Alliance was transformed into modern organizational and operational models with enhanced planning, work intake and delivery capabilities. This alliance is a model for the entire enterprise to follow as they expand their DBX Transformation. ​


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