A multinational oil and gas company leverages Apex's Agile solution to expand its interactive mobile application features.


Our client, a Fortune Global 10 Oil and Gas supermajor, has an enterprise mobile application that enables customer interaction with fuel pumps from their mobile devices, streamlining payment and rewards and loyalty program offerings. Because the application’s rewards and loyalty program generated significant revenue growth in the locations where it was available, the client wanted to expand its use in Mexico and enhance its features. The client’s existing application development team in the UK faced cultural differences that inhibited them from aligning the product with customer needs, and high development costs meant they could not manage ongoing maintenance for the application year after year. We were chosen to take over the project after client stakeholders learned of our Mexico Delivery Center (MDC) and our ability to deliver a culturally-aligned product, along with our demonstrated success managing and quantifying knowledge transfer. ​

Rapidly improved velocity of product delivery by 120%


We deployed an Agile squad of skilled developers, scrum masters, and QA testers who worked out of our MDC in Guadalajara, Mexico. The squad partnered with development teams in Chicago to ensure application continuity across North America. Our MDC squad was separated into two collaborative teams, whose shared responsibilities included: ​

  • Performing maintenance and upkeep procedures for the application ​
  • Developing application functionality that aligned with the product roadmap ​
  • Creating and launching culturally-aligned features, including storefinder, facturas (Mexico-specific fuel tax tracking), mobile payments, loyalty features, carbon emissions tracking, and more ​
  • Enabling North American loyalty continuity and operability, expanding the roadmap, and leveraging design and architecture resources from Chicago​


Our Agile development team successfully took responsibility over product development for the client, meeting with the product owner weekly to determine priorities and allocate backlog accordingly. The team rapidly improved velocity by 120% within two sprints from the previous team, enabling the client to realize immediate return on investment (ROI) from our development teams.​