AAA Gaming Studio leverages Apex consultants to implement dashboards for processing player data prior to their new game's launch.


Our client needed to identify a skilled team of data and analytics consultants to help develop their first free-to-play multiplayer third-person shooter video game. They required experts who could develop Tableau dashboards to analyze player in-game settings and micro-transactions for optimized user experience. The client needed a third-party team to implement the dashboards in the alpha and beta phases of production, enabling their core game development team to focus on vital features before the product’s release. We were chosen to support the work because of our demonstrated history identifying niche skills and our extensive data and analytics practice.  


To deliver the niche consultants required, we enlisted our Applications and Data Management Practice Team to lend expertise in the skills and tools our client needed. Our data and analytics subject matter expert (SME) partnered closely with client stakeholders to appropriately scope project requirements, qualify the technical need, and thoroughly screen candidates to ensure best-fit consultants. We provided a team of data analysts and business intelligence (BI) engineers who were experienced with Tableau, SQL, and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to produce the dashboards during the alpha and beta phases of production, allowing the client’s game development teams to prioritize feature development prior to launch.

Provided Data Analysts and BI Engineers that Developed Tableau Dashboards


We successfully identified and delivered the high-level data and analytics consultants required within our client’s timeline, enabling their development team to implement critical game features prior to the product’s launch. The team effectively created the dashboards needed to analyze player data during the alpha and beta phases of development, leading to an on-time launch of the game. As a residual result of our success with this team, we have expanded to support three other substantial gaming titles for this client.