A health system ensures business continuity by migrating its ERP platform to the cloud and integrating Infor HCM Global Human Resources.


Our client was running Infor Lawson version 9 and needed to decide in advance of the solution sunset date whether to stay with Infor software or move to another platform. In addition to support ending for the hospital’s current payroll system, their Human Resources Information System (HRIS) was becoming obsolete. They had also completed implementation of Epic in 2016. Recognizing that resources and focus needed to be on technology that meets the mission of delivering high quality patient care and not ERP maintenance, the client chose to move its ERP platform to the cloud to ease solution management and ensure their system stays current with patches and upgrades. We were chosen to support the project based on recommendations from Infor and references who confirmed successful implementations using Align and Define delivery methodology. ​


We partnered with our client to implement Infor HCM Global Human Resources. A key appeal for this platform was how the Infor cloud architecture seamlessly integrates single-tenant and multi-tenant technology, eliminating the need to manage the differences. The implementation kicked off early in the year with a hard go-live deadline in summer. During the build, the executive team met monthly and we led weekly calls to keep the initiative on track. The first three months were devoted to getting the cloud environment set up and the technical components working. 

"The resources assigned to us had many years of Infor application experience and quickly gained the confidence of our payroll team in upgrading the solution.​"

-HR Manager​

In July, the client performed two parallel payroll runs and went live in August with version 10 Infor CloudSuite Healthcare. Two months later, they completed their Infor Global HR go-live.​


As a result of our solution, the client’s upgrade to the Infor cloud was completed on-time and on-budget. While the hospital system continues to have disparate systems including separate performance management, talent acquisition, and benefits enrollment systems, moving to the new HCM CloudSuite platform will support the next phase of moving other HR functions to the Infor platform. In addition to optimizing payroll and HR processes, our client also implemented Infor CloudSuite Workforce Management’s Time and Attendance and Multi-Scheduler features. Automation and modernizing has had positive impacts of operations, enabling our client to optimize schedules, maximize workforce efficiency, and meet the evolving needs of its business. It has also enabled the hospital to eliminate traditional time clocks, resulting in savings of tens of thousands of dollars.​