A large health system achieves systemic flow of materials and information with an enhanced ERP application.


Our client, a long-time Infor (Lawson) customer operating Finance/Procurement, HR, and Payroll, sought to increase efficiency of their ERP system to streamline supply chain and procurement processes. In addition to creating a more customer-centric approach, they wanted to enforce contract compliance, reduce data entry, and ensure their workforce had the right supplies at the right time. The client selected FullFill Procurement, an application specifically designed for Infor, and chose to partner with us because of our demonstrated Infor Partner of the Year credentials.

Resulted in $220K in cost savings


Our team partnered with leading medical technical company, Stryker, to implement FullFill Procurement. FullFill Procurement is an Infor Process Automation flow that works with third-party distributor partners to automate the supply process, creating a seamless experience from request to fulfillment. Our Infor Process Automation solution established a purchase order (PO) process for medical devices that automatically assigned the orders to Stryker as the primary vendor, and triggered workflows for overflow to ensure orders were filled efficiently.


With this Infor Process Automation solution, our client can achieve a systematic flow of materials and information which results in improved decision-making, optimized efficiency, higher internal customer satisfaction, and reduced supply chain costs; all of which ultimately impact patient safety and care. FullFill Procurement reduced the number of manual transactions for our client and minimized the time procurement professionals spent placing POs, resulting in 92% repossession maximization and $220K in cost savings. FullFill Procurement automatically manages the OEM contract compliance and inventory levels, eliminating the risk of backorders and stock outages while ensuring the negotiated contract price is adhered to, keeping inventory at a healthy level. Additionally, the client realized a 2x increase in reprocessing participation post-implementation.