Accelerating ramp-up time and addressing gaps in work capacity with a redefined onboarding and framework for continuous improvement for a leading pool manufacturer 


Our client was going through a significant growth phase. Due to a lack of internal bandwidth and capacity issues, the client needed a partner who could create and facilitate an onboarding process that would accelerate assimilation to the client’s business environment. Client managers were spending 15 hours per week for each new hire during an initial three-week onboarding phase. They needed an onboarding process that would not interfere with their team's regular tasks.​

10% of Consultants Converted to Permanent Employees


Apex’s approach to supporting our client’s digital transformation strategy focused on accelerating recruiting identification, streamlining the hiring process, and utilizing our proven workforce management processes to facilitate continuous improvement, on-the-job training, and retention. Led by our New Orleans-based team and backed by national delivery hubs, Apex thoroughly screened talent for technical ability, culture alignment, and capacity to learn as part of our best-in-class talent identification. Our skill-focused practice teams the custom technical screenings. Our team built tailored upskilling plans to rectify any skills gaps. Apex also handled performance management and knowledge transfer when consultants converted to permanent employees. We were responsible for issue escalation and resolution, facilitation of workforce management processes, and working in tight collaboration with client stakeholders to ensure a successful engagement.​


Apex improved both the quality and consistency of delivery with the creation of a sustainable and repeatable process for the identification, onboarding, and allocation of 52 new consultants. We implemented a customized screening and upskilling solution to accelerate ramp-up time and address a gap in work capacity. While creating this new onboarding process, our team uncovered and rectified flaws in the previous process, which allowed new hires to become engaged and productive faster. Our teams were able to deploy skilled resources to help our client establish immediate digital transformation capabilities. By removing teambuilding responsibilities from client employees, we were able to improve permanent employee retention as well. For the duration of the project, we provided visibility across all workforce management processes. To cement the improvements we made, we established a framework for continuous improvement to increase value over time.​