A major multi-specialty physician group implements our on-demand support offering to extend the value of their Infor investments and maintain critical system performance. 


Following the departure of a lead technical resource, our client’s IT department was left short-staffed, hindering their ability to run an efficient healthcare system and deliver quality care to patients. Patch maintenance is critical for optimal performance and keeping systems current, ensuring staff has access to the latest program features and functionality. But patch management is labor-intensive, and with high demand on a short-staffed IT department, resource and skill availability was an ongoing concern. To maintain system performance, the client needed quick access to a technical resource with experience in Infor (Lawson) to troubleshoot issues, modify software, apply patches and support other IT initiatives.


We provided an on-demand support solution, enabling our client to access critical technical resources and define the level of support required to reach business goals. Our experienced team of Infor consultants helped this client with patch applications, software modifications, and other services to keep their Infor system up-to-date including:

Apex provided on-demand access to certified Infor expertise and improved reliability for patch maintenance.

  • Implementing and installing Infor AP Automation and associated Landmark servers, streamlining the organization's entire AP process from approval of invoices through payment 
  • Initiating the upgrade to Infor10 by implementing Test Automation, an application that streamlines and accelerates the Infor system testing process, freeing IT resources from repetitive testing, non-core activities, and inefficient use of their time
  • Integrating Security Dashboard, a web-based solution that simplifies Infor security and compliance reporting 


As a result of our on-demand support, our client was able to simplify Infor usability and extend the value of their Infor investment. Access to additional resources on an as-needed basis enables them to control costs and gain access to skilled resources to meet changing business needs while mitigating the risk of data loss, security breaches, and adding new personnel. It also delivers consistency and efficiency in managing the infrastructure, ensuring employees have access to high-performing systems and the features and functionalities needed to support their mission of delivering quality care.