A Fortune 500 manufacturing and consumer products company leverages Apex to upgrade their network systems. 


Our client was upgrading their existing infrastructure to support an influx of new system implementations and use more cloud services. They were transitioning from traditional operations to a DevOps environment, and needed to identify a team to perform a thorough analysis of the current state and create a support network for the modernized systems and associated influx of new devices. The client did not have the bandwidth to bring on an entire full-time team and were looking for a partner who could provide qualified contract and contract-to-hire resources to help them through the transition. We were chosen to support the effort because of our ability to rapidly identify qualified talent and scale teams according to project demand. 


We partnered with our client to deliver the skilled consultants needed for their systems upgrades, providing scalable support at various stages of the implementation. At more than 30 manufacturing sites across 15 states, we provided network, systems, security, and DevOps engineers whose responsibilities included:

  • Engineering, implementing, and monitoring security measures for the protection of computer systems and networks
  • Creating/documenting architectural designs for specific applications or technology solutions
  • Analyzing system logs and identifying potential issues with systems
  • Applying operating system updates, patches, and configuration changes

Engineered Systems Security and Provided Scalable Support


We provided our client the skilled and thoroughly screened contract and contract-to-hire resources required to upgrade their systems. Because of our support, the client has been able to update their infrastructure and implement a DevOps environment while scaling the size of their technical team depending on project timelines. Upon project completion, some of our highest-performing consultants were hired permanently by the client and continue to add value to their internal teams. Our relationship with this client continues to grow as a result of our success with this work, with expanded opportunities into other lines of business. ​