A global manufacturing and technology company uses Apex to develop a scalable recruiting and training solution for technical support resources. 


Our client recently released a new Wi-Fi thermostat product. In order to have a successful launch they needed a support center to handle customer questions via phone, email or instant message about connectivity issues with the new product. Our client selected Apex to provide a solution. 

Facilitated a Formal Training Program​


Apex designed a scalable approach that began with six Tier II Support contractors that would cover shifts during peak hours, seven days a week. In less than a week Apex had identified a team of quality contractors and had them working onsite at a cost effective rate. 

Once the team was up and running, our client’s management realized more in depth training was needed for both their Tier II Support team here as well as the Tier I team from a different project. As a result of the success of Apex’s team, our client asked Apex to come up with a solution to train their support teams.  Apex identified a trainer and placed the trainer with our client. The trainer spent two weeks evaluating the support centers and created a formal training program based on their findings. Once the new program was implemented, our trainer continued to evaluate the current teams as sales increased and call volume picked up to identify areas for improvement.  

Key Areas of Improvement included: 

  • Creating a client experience analyst position to improve the communications between the support center and the customer 
  • Identifying team leads to help manage the team and take shifts during non-peak hours 


The training program was implemented, Apex staffed both client experience analysts and the team lead; the trainer was converted to a full-time employee as the supervisor. The training program is now used in both support center locations and Apex will continue to scale the staff up or down as sales and call volume require.