A Fortune 100 technology company implements a workforce management program to address performance inefficiencies, driving productivity and reducing spend.


Our client was seeking a partner to help them manage and augment a new internal department that was experiencing double digit year over year growth. They were struggling with sourcing, identifying, and onboarding a project team of qualified resources as well as managing the workforce, which was being supplied by several different partners. Additional challenges included increasing attrition due to unclear career paths, opportunities for growth, and low morale. The client wanted a business partner to implement an effective workforce and performance management program so that client stakeholders could focus on high-level, strategic business initiatives. 


We implemented a Talent Management Services solution, utilizing our proven workforce management approach to address our client’s pain points. Our resources provide Tier 1 and 2 voice and video network support, live desk support, knowledge management, incident management, project management, and technical writing to support the client’s managed service contracts. Cohesive retention management is a key component to the program, providing clear career paths for consultants and improving overall team morale. Other components of the program included:

  • Demand Planning and Forecasting
  • Sourcing, Recruiting, and Onboarding 
  • Training and Personal Development
  • Performance Management

10% Cost Savings and Improved Productivity by 46%


Since the implementation of our solution, client operations costs have decreased by 10% year-over-year while productivity rates have incrementally improved by 46% since 2018. Because of our retention management and personal development programs, career paths have been more clearly defined and enabled the conversion of consultants to permanent employees with the client. Overall, the program has received positive feedback and recognition from the client’s executive leadership group and has enabled them to focus more on high priority strategic projects.