An international dairy and agricultural manufacturer standardizes business functions with Infor M3 and Infor CloudSuite Equipment.


Our client is fueled by a rich history of innovation and shared mindset toward continuous improvement. With a mission to feed the world, modern manufacturing processes are critical, and the impetus behind staying current with ERP technology. A few years prior to engaging us, they had upgraded their legacy ERP to Infor M3 and were now migrating to Infor CloudSuite. On premise Infor M3 was their core program for managing finance, bill of materials, ordering, and other business functions. Standardizing on Infor ERP and moving to the cloud would meet the needs for modern manufacturing, starting the client on the journey to upgrade to the cloud.​

"It’s a great story – technology that improves how our business operates, a services partner that truly understands the application and needs of industry customers and smooth, scalable processes."

 -Head of IT


Infor M3, and eventually Infor CloudSuite Equipment, were the best fit for our client’s systems based on its deep manufacturing functionality and proven ability to handle the volume of processing, transactions, and data of a large agricultural organization. With transformation and continuous improvement as key goals, we delivered a business processes assessment to determine where there were existing optimization opportunities and how cloud could address current challenges. As an Infor CloudSuite Equipment certified partner for dairy, we developed a plan to migrate their systems to the comprehensive ERP solution which followed a big bang approach performed in sprints. This allowed for iteration and improvement as part of the process. Additionally, our team used accelerators to enable the rapid deployment of Infor CloudSuite Equipment and standardize financial processes across the business. ​


We successfully implemented Infor CloudSuite, improving reporting, security, and flexibility for our client’s systems. Our solution and implementation plan accelerated time to go-live and minimized the burden on the client’s teams. Their users now have access to systems and information anytime and anywhere. Change management, strong communication, and connecting the project to improvements throughout the process were key in building support and adoption for the project. ​