A national-scale building supply company replaces an outdated enterprise system.


Our client was seeking a partner to replace their decades-old legacy logistics enterprise system due to disparate systems, overall expense, security risks, and lack of efficiency. They needed a partner with Infor’s Implementation Accelerator (IA) experience to resolve these problems. The client also elected to leverage IA as the foundational configuration for Infor’s CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise (CSDE) implementation. Apex Systems’ implementation and consulting skills were used to improve visibility and profitability across the client’s enterprise. 

Acceptance of 72% of Core Processes Using Out-of-the-Box Functionality


We assembled a team of 17 consultants to implement CSDE with the client’s preferred modules. We used a phased approach which included a hybrid of Agile and Waterfall. After aligning the plans to the client’s needs and defining team roles, our consultants built a series of iterative prototype configurations. After completing the final prototype, they began full-scale testing which simulated tending to the customers’ business with a fully implemented Cloudsuite configuration. When they completed testing, our team trained end users to operate the new system and migrated data from the legacy system.


We replaced a decades-old legacy system with Infor’s CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise (CSE) software hosted on AWS in a rolling go-live. Infor’s Factory Track and Warehouse Mobility software add-ons increased throughput and efficiency throughout client warehouses. The approach included information provided to Apex by our client resulting in the acceptance of 284 (or 72%) core processes as out-of-the-box configuration, with 107 (or 26%) differentiator processes within the configuration requiring minimal configuration, and 6 (or 2%) unique processes requiring custom enhancements. This enabled the Apex team to control scope and cost. The acceptance of the IA at 72% also enabled our client to leverage less risky two-phase deployment.