A shipping and commercial real estate company simplifies reporting with Infor Security Dashboard.


Our client needed a partner to help streamline reporting around system usage for their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). They relied on Infor (Lawson) and getting information from Lawson LAUA security was difficult and time-consuming for their IT department. Security auditing and knowing which users have access to corporate information is critical to mitigate fraud and protect systems and information. We were chosen to implement Security Dashboard to alleviate the complexity of managing the Infor (Lawson) security data while providing greater visibility into access, permissions, and user roles. 

"[Apex] understands the issues and are responsive to our needs, enabling us to meet our security and compliance requirements." -Application Analyst


The Security Dashboard is a turnkey solution that simplifies security and compliance reporting. It includes a library of Segregation of Duty (SoD) conflicts and pre-built reports to satisfy internal and external security audits. Our client runs its applications on the IBM iSeries, and we have a solution built specifically for the iSeries community. Lawson security is permission-based, requiring every user to maintain the same levels of security they had previously to ensure they are able to access relevant forms. This required considerable planning to establish the appropriate infrastructure and definitions of organization roles, security classes, user attributes, and groups throughout the migration.


Our team successfully installed the Security Dashboard on time and within budget, resulting in more informed decision-making for our client, saving time, and improving the accuracy of security data. The migration enabled the client to use the database directly to create their own custom report listings of all the security classes and access levels, allowing them to develop and apply condition rules to restrict access as necessary. Publishing the reports to Lawson Business Intelligence (LBI) also removed the need for IT involvement, helping auditors get answers to their questions quickly. Moving forward, the client plans to explore more features of the solution, including SoD administration. IT will continue using reports to efficiently bring in new users and monitor changes as individual roles and responsibilities change.