A public utility company leverages our Cloud services to mitigate backlog in their Workday integration. 


Our client was undergoing a Workday implementation when they were faced with setbacks that cost them time, significantly impacting their go-live date by 3-4 months. They required a partner that could provide integrations and reporting that were outside of their normal scope of services. We were chosen to design, build, and test third party integrations for the implementation within a timeline of nine months in order to meet their original go-live date. 


We were tasked with building 21 Workday Integrations, varying from Studio to EIB to the Workday specifications. Additionally, our team was responsible for:

  • Identifying technical specifications and requirements where needed to support each integration
  • Performing unit testing and testing support for all built integrations to the specification and compliance
  • Providing support for built integrations for two weeks after go-live for specific integration
  • Providing knowledge transfer after each integration build to help develop internal expertise

Due to tight schedule constraints, accelerated efforts were needed in order to meet the project schedule considerations.

Reduced Timeline to Go-Live by 31% and Deployed 21 Workday Integrations


We brought the integration testing in line with the Go-Live date as well as providing testing support and knowledge transfer of integrations. Our contributions were critical to the client’s successful Go-Live date compressing approximately 13 months of work into a nine-month timeframe. This resulted in a 31% decrease in the project timeline allowing our client to keep the original Go-Live commitment. 


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